Yum updating redhat repositories

Once suitable, a backup may be made and the file can be placed in the /etc/X11/ directory to be used as the default configuration file. There is no mp3 support in Cent OS, as there is no mp3 support in the distribution sources as provided from upstream.

While the Cent OS Project simply rebuilds what is available upstream, these have been excluded because of legal (patent license) issues.

You should understand the implications of enabling and using packages from this repository.


Packages built and maintained by the Cent OS developers that add functionality to the core distribution.

They also fix problems in software and provide feedback to the software developers ...

Some packages contain Trademark information and the upstream vendor has specifically created a guide to redistribute software built from their publicly available sources. We support the upstream vendors Trademark rights and strive to be in full compliance with those guidelines.

Cent OS mainly changes packages to remove trademarked vendor branding and artwork.

Release Notes have last minute documentation or describe a commonly encountered problem, when a given release has a variation from the formal documentation.This source code is available on the Cent OS Git website.



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