Who is benny medina dating

According to Dottley's account, the two first met at The Abbey in West Hollywood before Medina invited Dottley and his friend back to his place.It's there that Dottley says Medina sexually assaulted him after leading him into his bedroom and forcefully pinning him to the bed.Benny is not married yet and was rumored to be gay from his unusual activity during the set of "Fresh Prince" with Will Smith.However, it was not true, and the producer openly denied the gossip.


The owner of Medina Company has collected huge revenue from managing legendary personality of Music Industry.He also managed singer, Mariah Carey, famous stars in the world of Tommy Mottola.In addition, he also managed singer-songwriter Vanessa Daou(1996-1998).Related: Lisa Bloom Admits Documentary Deal With Harvey Weinstein 'Clouded' Her Judgement It wasn't until Dottley's friend T.

Ashanti Mozelle intervened that Medina kicked the two out of his home.He was responsible for building and cultivating the career of the Company's urban artists for music division in Warner Bros Records.



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