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"This is where I need to be working, and the rest of the year I'm working on other people's albums and I'm working on my own, and so I'm posted in this little bed. '"A Look Back at 1984: Full Coverage Weaver can't sit still; her legs are almost always moving on the miniature bed, her bare feet sometimes splayed out in a split and other times crossed underneath her tutu.It's pretty nice, aside from when people need to be in here and work in here. Her eyes dart around the room, and her fingers pierce her tangle of brunette hair.She tells a story of working on a writing project in Los Angeles and then road-tripping to Nashville with Blanco to pen "some country songs" that may never see the light of day.Surrounded by new friends who believe in her talent, Weaver can't help but take a minute to dwell on the one person trying to tether her to the ground: she still faintly detects the comments of her ex, whom "Octa Hate" is based upon.Her debut music video, for the out-of-nowhere viral sensation "Octa Hate," was released two days earlier and was roundly praised by the blogosphere.Her first official live show, a performance at New York's Bowery Ballroom during this year's CMJ Music Marathon, is less than two weeks away.




It's a sunny morning in early October, and light is streaming onto the synthesizers and laptops of various lengths and colors populating the small room.

She's been working with pop savant Charli XCX on a top-secret songwriting project.



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