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"That didn't help anyone, including Philip."-- For almost anyone who has done it before, a trip to London is a great adventure. Of the 14 previous NFL games played in London dating back to 2007, two head coaches have been fired right after their teams lost in London, and eight in total have been fired in the same season their teams played there.

A loss in London usually has meant a looooong flight home, and a quick departure once on the ground.

Eli Manning won the first of two Super Bowls in the 2007 season with the Giants. The gifted, competitive Rivers has been shut out, perhaps victim of another circumstance in which Schottenheimer was fired after the 14-2 season that also haunts Tomlinson.



Tomlinson's conviction is not shaken even when it's pointed out he was the league's MVP as the Chargers had their best season (14-2) in 2006 during Rivers' first year as a starter.

He has been in 12 celebrity relationships averaging less than one year each.

Topics this week include what could've been with Drew Brees and the Chargers, the London coaching curse, Terrelle Pryor's emergence in Cleveland, and more.

But should Jacksonville lose Sunday and fall to 0-4, Bradley could be in as much trouble as Philbin was last year and Allen the year before. But for now, he must go to London, which has been a bad omen for the head coaches who have gone before him.-- Cleveland Browns receiver Terrelle Pryor was the last draft pick made under the regime of the late, great Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis.

Even though Pryor was a quarterback, Davis coveted speed and athleticism.It was so unfortunate."For the record, the Colts won the Super Bowl in the 2006 season with Peyton Manning.



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