Vb stored procedure not updating database

So, my real suggestion would be to create a script that has the commands you want to execute and you run THAT script from the database.Give your self the permission to run that one command -- not /bin/sh Tom, I found this information to be very helpful. I have a question about using the ftp command instead of the ps command.Creating a standard ftp shell script with predefined input parms is better. From what I can remember the DBMS_PIPE solution (see this site) doesn't have the special character limitation. Apologies for my total lack of java knowledge (I'm getting there...), but your example (which worked fine in 8i) appears to bomb out under my 9i version.Could you post if the same code works under one of your 9i versions?Your information about using .netrc worked to some degree. In my comments higher up I referred to writing the command to a file, doing a chmod x etc.I woks when I run the ftp command from the unix prompt, but it still hangs when I attempt to execute from SQL*PLUS. Obviously that's only if you don't know the command you want to run.



EXE *** 2001-11-22 .720 *** SESSION ID:(17.10) 2001-11-22 .610 Specified COMMAND search directory bad Microsoft(R) Windows 98 (C)Copyright Microsoft Corp 1981-1998.

SQLI just removed the String array definition on the PL/SQL wrapper function and the Java method. WORLD begin 2 dbms_java.grant_permission 3 ('RT_TEST', 4 '



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    So, my real suggestion would be to create a script that has the commands you want to execute and you run THAT script from the database.

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