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Do you a way to make a msg prompt come up for the access table instead of having to hard code the table name? Command Text = Array("name of table in database") - So instead of inputting the table name is there a way to have a prompt for the user to enter the name of the table?

I need to copy multiple rows in a spread sheet with a forloop.

The standard data row does it automatically ok I now have 2 tabs that populate data and its seems very fast!!! I'm not certain, so would recommend getting Excel to tell you! As to what you should do, it depends on how you intend to set all of this up, eg: are you going to open one 'parent' book which then opens the others? Thanks for the code about the no data..sounds like just the thing.


I tried 3 diff ways of doing the connection By the way, VB would happily have told you that was a typo, if you asked it to check for them - so I'd recommend reading article What is Option Explicit, and why should I use it? I like your clear contents bit...however not all users will be on the network and have access to database so currently I am trying to work out how to say...Note: When you're finished recording, click the Stop Recording button.



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