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Shift-Tab moves the focus in the backward direction.For example, in Focus Concepts Demo, the first button has the initial focus.JButton button = new JButton("I am first"); panel.add(button); Content Pane().add(panel); //Add it to the panel frame.pack(); //Realize the components. button.request Focus In Window(); Visible(true); //Display the window.The focus subsystem is designed to do the right thing as invisibly as possible.A component can also be given the focus programmatically, such as when its containing frame or dialog-box is made visible.This code snippet shows how to give a particular component the focus every time the window gains the focus: //Create the component that will have the initial focus.



FORWARD_TRAVERSAL_KEYS, new Forward Keys); Tab shifts the focus in the forward direction.From the user's point of view, the component with the keyboard focus is generally prominent – with a dotted or black border, for example.


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