Validating mx record godaddy

When i try to "Create a Record" and select "MX" i only have an option to add the "Host" and "Priority" but not the target.

Go Daddy states i need to enter the following: Host Priority Target @ 0 protection.Can anyone help me navigate the setup?

To validate and troubleshoot mail flow from Office 365 to your organization’s email server (also called on-premises server), validate your connectors.



What you're looking for is the MX record, "hey if someone's mailing [email protected], the mail server's at this IP".Never used Go Daddy since I always just run the DNS myself, but I'm guessing for mail forwarding there'll be an option with the domain to let gd handle it.But yeh, having it point at a dead host won't work at all.To learn how to manually create MX records for a domain hosted by Go Daddy, please see their instructions here.

"), Zf(c),c=c.inner HTML);var d=document.create Element("template");if("content"in d)d.inner HTML=c,d=d.content;elsec=document.create Tree Walker(d, Node Filter. A domain has one or more MX records listed in priorty order.


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