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For example, you can list the available database schemas (with the tool).

Most aspects of the import, code generation, and export processes can be customized.

Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements.

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These abilities allow you to quickly develop Map Reduce applications that use the HDFS-stored records in your processing pipeline.

The output of this import process is a set of files containing a copy of the imported table or datasets. For this reason, the output will be in multiple files.

These files may be delimited text files (for example, with commas or tabs separating each field), or binary Avro or Sequence Files containing serialized record data.

This document assumes you are using a Linux or Linux-like environment.


If you are using Windows, you may be able to use cygwin to accomplish most of the following tasks.

For databases, you can control the specific row range or columns imported.



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