Updating host file with port no

Many Oracle Application Server components and services use ports.As an administrator, it is important to know the port numbers used by these services, and to ensure that the same port number is not used by two services on your host.To configure them, you must manually add them to the file.See the J2EE Interoperability chapter of the To change the Oracle HTTP Server Listen ports, you change the Oracle HTTP Server Listen directive.Most port numbers are assigned during installation.Every component and service has an allotted port range, which is the set of port numbers Oracle Application Server attempts to use when assigning a port.To do this, you edit a template file called tab on the Application Server Home page.

You can override this behavior for some ports, and specify a port number assignment during installation.The following topics describe how to define the Task 1: Enable Oracle HTTP Server to Run as Root for Ports Set to Less Than 1024 (Unix Only) If you are on a UNIX system and you are changing the Listen port to a number less than 1024, perform these steps before you change the Oracle HTTP Server Listen port.By default, Oracle HTTP Server runs as a non-root user (the user that installed Oracle Application Server).To view the current port values for these components, as well as the valid port number range for each component, navigate to the Ports page from the Application Server Home page for the instance.


However, you cannot modify the Enterprise Manager port numbers from the Ports page.

The Oracle Application Server instance must be restarted—or stopped and started—before the port changes take effect.



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