Updating facebook from phone

Microsoft has confirmed the changes to The Verge in a statement, but notes that Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 users will be able access some Facebook content through app integration.

“Due to changes in Facebook’s latest API, Microsoft will no longer support Facebook Connect, a service that integrates some Facebook content with a Microsoft account," says a Microsoft spokesperson.

It also includes a URL shortening function as well, and you can set whether you'd like tiny URL or url Borg as your short URL service in the preferences.

Fire Status can also handle updates to Twitter, Friend Feed, Delicious and as well, making it a handy method for updating any of those services if you're already in your browser.

Facebook will send a confirmation text to your cellphone and then you can start using the service.

Selective Twitter - If you're looking for more manual control over exactly which Twitter updates make it over to Facebook, you might want to try this app instead.

Unfortunately, if your carrier isn’t listed, then you won’t be able to use this service.

Facebook doesn’t charge for it but you will be charged by your carrier based on your text messaging plan.

In a detailed support article, Microsoft notes that Facebook contact integration in Outlook.com, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone will no longer work.

"Contact information for the Facebook contacts shown will no longer be updated with information from Facebook," notes Microsoft.

The changes go even further than just the much loved Facebook contacts integration.



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