Updating curve os

Sure, the T-Mobile version of the device (the 9360) doesn't need it, since it already rides the GSM SIM card technology, but the slot is something that the Sprint version (the ) lacks.Just keep in mind that the Curve 9370 is locked into Verizon's network while in the U.Design Any way you look at it, the Curve 9370 is a pixie of a phone.It's stylish enough, with a glossy black face that does indeed curve smoothly from the top and bottom to meet the back in two points.Yet, because the keys are separated and raised, typing posed no problem.


It's essentially the same navigation array we saw on the previous Curve, consisting of the Send, Menu, Back, and End/Power keys, with that optical touch pad smack-dab in the middle.In addition to that, the Curve 9370 runs on Black Berry 7 OS and has NFC (near-field communication) support for pairing accessories or reading Smart Poster tags, and a 5-megapixel camera.It isn't anywhere near as advanced as the refreshed review where the devices' features overlap.While I didn't mind it, my own hands being fairly small, to me the Curve 9370's keyboard has lost its edge.


It's high time you met the phone's other externals.

On one hand, the display is small enough that using a touch screen would frustrate, and besides, the optical touch pad does just fine for navigation.



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