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So, if you find yourself downloading the latest version, ask yourself what you’re planning to use it for and whether you really need it. Millions of users have uninstalled Flash completely, Steve Jobs ensured that i Phone and i Pad users have never had it, browsers are burying it as deeply as they can, and even Adobe has called time on it.Cybercriminals still love it though, and they want you to love it too, or at least tolerate it enough to keep it hanging around because if past performance is indicative of future results – a 0-day is coming.

Everyone else should download the latest version: Adobe recommends users of the Adobe Flash Player Desktop Runtime for Windows, Macintosh and Linux update to Adobe Flash Player via the update mechanism within the product [1] or by visiting the Adobe Flash Player Download Center.The good news is that, in this case, Adobe and the independent researchers who found the holes in its product are one step ahead of the bad guys this month (provided you install the update).The bad news is that the rate at which critical, remotely exploitable flaws are found – in a product that barely changes – shows no signs of slowing, even after all these years. Over the years its many remotely exploitable flaws have been a reliable source of joy for them – giving them a bunch of ways to reach through your browser and persuade your computer to run malware.Hello, After receiving the new update (10.3.7 3.51) I have 100 endpoints that are failing to uninstall the new software.


During the install process the old versions of the software are uninstalled, then when the install is starting they error out.

I'm receiving either an "Installation of Sophos Auto Update Failed [0x00000008]" error or an "A runtime error occurred. From my testing, when this error occurs it's because the Auto Update folder that's created in either of the following locations has messed up permissions.


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