Sims 2 nightlife dating guide

Occasionally, members of the group will call other Sims to go for an outing with that particular group.

Sims can also form casual groups if the player uses the Ask... The player can then choose whether the casual group will be "Just for Fun" or "For an Outing".

Even though an outing with a managed group has preset members, it is not limited to members of the group.

Sims can still ask others to join the outing, if the player so chooses, but it has to be done in person.

The group can be disbanded if the playable Sims end it themselves, or when all members have been asked to leave the group. The group will dine out together and won't scatter around when invited to a community lot.



In short, scoring for outings is similar to scoring for parties. This time increases every time the player reaches higher levels on the outing meter.Other than the first night invitation, there are other kinds of invitations.


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