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He could name 10 Hazletonians, he said, who quit warehouse jobs after less than three days."It sounds easy, but there is a strong efficiency focus, with clocks running, timing your work.The dying Wyoming Street commercial corridor has revived.


' It was because the [immigrant] parents felt the teacher is the one to make all decisions," Antonelli said."We had to explain: 'We need you to be in our classrooms. It's crucial that we do this as a partnership.' " Growing pains have been felt in public housing, too. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the local authority paid a total of ,000 to six families that had complained.


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    It speeds up a little near the end, but still remains pretty quiet. It mostly has guitar, drums and Becca, Alyssa and Lauren's vocals, plus piano at the quieter parts. Superstar: This song is also rock, and it has a funny clip of one of the girls talking at the end.

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    When someone else is driving, 1 can read manuscripts, answer letters, keep up with literature, and things like that . For faster trips, we generally use the Mazda RX-7**, which we like very much. The RX-7 burns less than one gallon of gas for every 20 miles when driven at speed (80 mph), even with air-con- ditioning and automatic shift. , for in- stance, when someone comes on a repeater where Tve been talking for a while and says in an official voice that it is an FCC regulation that I identify my station. P^tch low ancf high Impedances by interchang- ing input and output. In his letter, Huddleston gave no other reason for the revoca* tion of the ARRL section of Florida's largest traffic net other than to say that the "FMTN does not qualify as either a section net or a local net in the ARRL National Traffic System.

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