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Kennedy was moved to action following the elevated racial tensions and wave of black riots in the spring 1963.

Emulating the Civil Rights Act of 1875, Kennedy's civil rights bill included provisions to ban discrimination in public accommodations, and to enable the U. Attorney General to join in lawsuits against state governments which operated segregated school systems, among other provisions.

C.'To say that something like this is coming for political gains ― and of course that was an allegation that was directed at me ― is undermined by the fact that 16 years before, she went to friends and told people,' Hill told the NLJ Thursday.

Smith said she was moved to share her experience after hearing that Donald Trump had been caught on tape making crude comments about women and then seeing an Internet meme that made light of the situation.


Karen Gibbs walks through a labyrinth of icy broken trees and downed power lines to her home on Maplehurst Drive in Belgrade, Maine on Thursday. Continued blustery weather has hampered their efforts and some could be without through the weekend Conditions were better for those living around the east of Lake Ontario, where up to 17in of wind-whipped lake effect snow was expected to fall tomorrow, as nearly all of the 50,000 customers left without power have been reconnected.

Utility workers, like Cory Bean in Michigan (pictured), fought against continued blustery conditions to get power back on Thursday, though many can expect to go without until the weekend Michigan bore the brunt of the storm as nearly 600,000 homes and businesses lost power, and as of Friday morning, about 64,000 customers remained in the dark. If there was another quarter of an inch or a half-inch of ice, people would've been out for a long, long, long time.

Maine reported almost 12,000 outages and in eastern Canada, nearly 62,000 still hadn't had their power restored, including 33,000 in Toronto.'If it was a little more ice, poles would have been broken,' Graham said. But I'm sure no one is thinking they're lucky, right?

That development has saved officers' lives here, the police union said. But she cared about students, and inspired them to work hard for her.


Hill, who testified against Thomas in 1991 during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings, said that there should be a 'fair investigation which he asked for legislation "giving all Americans the right to be served in facilities which are open to the public—hotels, restaurants, theaters, retail stores, and similar establishments", as well as "greater protection for the right to vote".


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