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Supermarket: Cooperation on KC Öst's participation. Tags: Botkyrka, KC Öst After some time without development for my project "The others", I finally talked to Bertil and Bodil today, and they gave me a lot of new energy - and some material about "the others", such as this article from January 2015 Link365 new days of work ahead :-)Art work: Getting my studio back for new paintings and the work with De andra in Jämtland.

Art consultant: Looking forward to four new inaugurations. Arijana Kajfes and Linda Shamma presented their suggestions for public art in Botkyrka tonight.

Tags: WIPMeetings with Bert Brännström, who is deaf-and-blind and work with sign language poetry, and with artist Birgitta Dahlström who is loosing her sight and has been an active part of Gothenburgs art scene for 40 years.

Tags: Kännbart Kännbart is traveling to Rättvik, we enroll some new "förstärkare"; I build a new piece with Mari Kretz for Satsuma Kustantamo, two public art projects in Botkyrka – with Linda Shamma and Linda Bäckström – are on its way to realization, Roland Perssons public piece in Nacka is soon inaugurated, the art competition for Nackasalen, between Lisa Jeannin Rolf Schuurmans and Fredrika Linder is soon decided, a new project in Nacka starts, I start a project with Linda Shamma, KC Öst is starting up, WIP:sthlm has new projects, and great meetings at SU and with Osynlig utställning.

Tags: Nacka Visiting Anna Svenssons piece "Kurragömma" at Isis pre school today.

Together with Mats and Max it was decided that the piece met with all possible requirements.

- Unna design gives us response for the Kännbart project. I have been asked to work with the touring part of the project "Berättelser i en väska" as it is soon heading out on the roads. It is partly based upon Åsas performance work in Älta this fall.

(I am the art consultant.) Today we met to do the walk for the very first time. Tags: Nacka Two good meetings today and one bad: Kulturfyren - very cool ladies and very cool project! Meeting with Miriam regarding the overall work and structure with public art in Botkyrka.2.



Yet - I'll stay on the board (though that probably won't be a comfort to my kids who has grown up in the studio).Det handlar inte heller bara om syn- och hörselnedsättningar.


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