Say we have nothing in common dating

If I were you, I’d be very leery of this whole situation.

I’m not saying people can’t remain friendly with their exes and manage to avoid drama, but there need to be clear boundaries that are respected by all parties and that just isn’t the case here.

My boyfriend and I have had what I would describe as a happy relationship for two years now.

Problem is, even though we have FABULOUS chemistry and get along great, we have nothing in common.

He’s also the best boyfriend I’ve ever had but I can’t seem to shrug this off. Or is my boyfriend over-stepping relationship boundaries? For example, I’m assuming it must have been your boyfriend who told you that his ex asked if he was going to choose you over her and that she threw a tantrum when he answered in the affirmative.

And it was certainly your boyfriend who totally disregarded your (very justified) feelings regarding his ex as simply “insecure.” And it was your boyfriend who acted like it was no big deal at all that the PIN for his credit card is his ex’s name.

I’d recommend trying something that’s new to both of you.

So do something that isn’t comfortable or boring for either one of you.I mean, there’s a lot more to leisure time than hikes and movies.


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