Ricky marting dating


He and his husband haven’t spoken publicly about whether they are monogamous or polyamorous.

Rumors have been swirling that Ricky Martin and Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe are dating.

For over 14 years, he was in an on-and-off relationship with Mexican TV host Rebecca de Alba.

He recently alluded to her in an interview, saying that a long-term girlfriend had known about his sexuality while they were together.

Ricky has said he wants people to accept open relationships as normal and healthy, in light of him playing Gianni Versace’s partner – Antonio D’Amico – on screen.

Versace and D’Amico were together for 15 years, in an open relationship that allowed them to have sex with other people without it damaging them as a couple.



That's not to say, though, that Martin, who split with longtime boyfriend Carlos González Abella in January, and Aussie athlete don't have mutual admiration and respect for one another.

Blood is running from both of her nostrils and there is a visible bump, with what looks to be blood, on her head.



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