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My opinion is that Mexicans, instead of confronting each other, of making proclamations, or carrying out marches, have to sit down at a table and talk to each other to understand all of the implications that certain measures have.” After noting that there are “many things” in the president’s proposed reforms, Coppola told the press, “There are some things that in my opinion can easily be accepted, and there are others upon which we must reflect in order to understand all of the implications.” Asked by a reporter what parts of the president’s bill need further reflection, Coppola refused to elaborate.“I have to be in my place, and my place as nuncio is not to be a mediator,” he replied, adding that Mexico “is not a country that needs mediators,” but has a government that should “sit down at the table, listen to everyone, let everyone speak.” Coppola told the press that the national debate over the gay agenda “has made clear that there are some people who do not feel appreciated, who feel that they don’t have all of the rights that they could enjoy.” “So it’s necessary to see.The Catechism also expresses compassion for those who suffer from the temptations associated with same-sex attraction and urges a life of chastity.Tony Blair has defied the Pope by making clear he "strongly supports" plans for gay marriage, The Independent on Sunday has learnt.


Colin Collette filed suit against the parish on Thursday, arguing that since the state recognizes gay marriages the church should too.Archbishop Franco Coppola, a career diplomat with the Holy See who has served as nuncio to several African countries, arrived in Mexico on September 29.He soon began commenting on the struggle underway in the country over a proposed set of reforms by Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto to amend the constitution to permit “gay marriage” and adoption and to impose homosexual sex-ed throughout the country’s schools.Formerly the choir director at Holy Family Parish of Invernes, Collette was fired over the summer after he announced his engagement to his longtime male partner.

In response to the firing, Collette met with Cardinal Francis Eugenie George of the Archdiocese of Chicago in September.

"This complementarity is at the root of marriage and family, which is the first school where we learn to appreciate our own and others' gifts, and where we begin to acquire the arts of living together." The Christian Post reached out to multiple individuals within Holy Family Parish of Invernes. In a statement given to NBC Chicago earlier this week, the Chicago Archdiocese said that hiring and firing decisions by congregations should be in line with the teachings of the Church.



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