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When Dipper confides to Soos that he thinks Norman may be a zombie, Soos tells him that he believes him and that he's always noticing weird things in the town.He then shares with Dipper his belief that the mailman is a werewolf because he is very hairy.

When they arrive at the island, he goes with Dipper and Mabel to look for the beast, making jokes along the way.The group spots what appears to be the Gobblewonker; however, it is only a colony of beavers.Soos then takes pictures of the beavers, before the real Gobblewonker arrives.Soos' next appearance is in "The Legend of the Gobblewonker," at Lake Gravity Falls, as Dipper and Mabel are deciding they want to look for the Gobblewonker.

He pulls up with a boat that is better than Stan's boat, the S. Cool Dude, offering to help the kids look for the monster.The Shack is very dear to him, and he never gets upset at Stan no matter what he does.


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