Pisces male leo female dating who is carre otis dating now


In return, Leo will think of Pisces as weak and unrealistic, completely separated from their own desires and the strength of their body or emotions.The truth is, they can both be incredible lovers but they will rarely discover this together.Since Leo always shines a light on our virtues and shortcomings, they will not miss a chance to show their Pisces partner how unrealistic they are.This could help Pisces build a more realistic approach, but it could also affect their confidence and hurt them through a difficult perception of the world.Pisces is the sign ruled by Neptune, and Leo brings it to its fall.This is a difficult combination of signs to reach a point of mutual trust.Pisces is a Water sign, and much more passive, showing their passion through the flow of emotion.They will rarely fight for anything, convinced that perfection doesn’t need fighting for and that real treasures are spontaneous and free of conflict.


A great link between their worlds of values is in Leo’s heroic nature that seems to have roots in a fairytale of Pisces.

Their roles and characters seem to be too different for them to find a way to coexist in a satisfying sexual relationship.

The main problem of their relationship is in the fact that the sign of Leo is a sign of the fall of Pisces’ ruler, Neptune.

Both of these individuals are extremely emotional, each in their own way.


The Fire element Leo belongs to, makes them passionate and gives them the need to fight for their loved one and their emotions.

Leo is a warm sign, very passionate about their doings and their desires.



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