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I am an american too and I can't say I am proud of the way this game was officiated that ref has got to be striped of her title and never referee again.I really think Canada a should have won this was their game and I do not believe that the USWNT is strong enough for Japan.

I guess that's the standard that's been set, right?I feel for you Canada and hope to see you as the team to beat in 2015 even with a much lesser following of fans and lower funding of your football federation you have a fighting spirit and Sinclair you played like a woman with nothing to lose.I vote Sinclair as woman of the match she crumbled the best goalkeeper to nothing today.I am going to be ready for a loss unless they get a ref that can let the USWNT win like today.

I don't care if I get hate or get called a troll what happened today will mark a dark day in football for me we were outplayed but due to human error(I hope) we won.

People have posted that they have seen Sinc and Milbrett out and about together in Portland and Milbrett was seen in Vancouver for the Olympic Qualifying games for Canada.


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    They started dating soon after and are now official -- they went to a soccer game in Portland, and goofed around on the field.

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