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I had a double date with Jake and a really fucking hot guy I met online.I had chatted with Scott via email a couple of times and he seemed really cool.I was only a few minutes into sucking him off when the doorbell rang.Jake thought it may possibly be a “signature required” package he was expecting from Fed Ex so one of us had to answer the door.So of course being trapped on a plane with several hundred.....One of my members recently e-mailed asking if my girlfriend Sammy and I would do a private live came show just for him.

Just the thought of some completely random guy telling my girlfriend and I.....Mark wrote about how his biggest erotic fantasy was to do a live cam show with Sammy and I.He talked about how hot it would be to tell us what to do to each other as he watched and directed all the action.It's called the Siena Symphony G-Spot And Clitoral Vibrator and it most definitely hit me in all Talk about getting lucky, Jake really scored big time earlier this week!


I was giving him an afternoon blowjob just because I felt like sucking a cock and swallowing a huge load.All of my videos are full-length, action packed fuck flicks!


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