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The Relationship Views newsletter will be delivered on the fifth and 20th of each month.The first issue is being delivered January 5, 2006. Wishing you great experiences, Joe Tracy, editor Online Dating Newsletter *** Creative Date Ideas: Create a Winter Wonderland As the leaves fall off the trees and the temperature reaches freezing temperatures, many people may start to feel the winter blues. Create a winter wonderland for you and your date to enjoy together.The Art of Intimacy is a monthly newsletter written especially for you.Our articles are designed to assist singles in finding and sustaining healthy, lasting love.We also answer frequently asked questions related to that month's topic.Many readers write in to just tell us that they look forward to each issue and appreciate the useful and informative free dating advice, free relationship and dating tips advice that it contains.Every week, GDI sends out two newsletters, giving subscribers a comprehensive roundup of all the most important news from the online dating industry.

Each issue has specific tips to build good karma and eliminate bad.A person with good balance in their life has better relationships.The Review will take a closer look at a book, DVD, or CD series about relationships.Sent out to thousands of dating industry subscribers, it’s the best way to keep informed about all the goings-on in the online dating industry.

GDI also posts news & industry updates on our Twitter, Facebook, Linked In & Instagram pages.

By changing the name to Relationship Views, the newsletter more appropriately targets both daters and those in committed relationships.


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