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The city, in western China, is roughly 1,200 miles west of Shanghai.

Music City in New York ► Belt buckles meet the Big Apple as Opry City Stage opens in Times Square ► Ryman unveils concept for Times Square venue, eyes Opry expansion ► Nashville has invaded New York, and there’s nothing weird about it Chengdu Musical Fun will feature performance venues, recording studios, office space to host publishing companies and instrument makers.

In recent years, a pipeline between music industry executives in Nashville and business and government leaders in Chengdu has quietly developed.

Music Row executives have been hosted on trips where Chengdu officials have unveiled their vision for their own music corridor called the Chengdu Musical Fun district.

The executives were shown a large model of what the Musical Fun district will look like, including impressive new music venues.


They were also given presentations of the incentive and rent-reduction programs that the district will offer an array of music businesses that set up shop there.“The city boasts an impressive investment in infrastructure to support a large tourism industry and growing population, including a large-scale music festival.


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