My daughter is dating a jehovah witness

Does your girlfriend have any idea what she will be facing in an attempt to get reinstated?She is going to have to go to ALL the meetings and if she misses even ONE of them, there had better be a good reason why.But he perceived their craftiness, and said unto them, Why tempt ye me? Some consider the idea of God sacrificing his only-begotten son for our sins to be harsh, but I am glad he did it.discussion Letter from a person inquiring about dating a Jehovah's Witness: Thank you for providing such wonderful and blessed materials to combat the cults like the JWs.Truth never fails us and speaking the truth is what is required of all of us if we are going to serve God properly.So, why don't we get right into the "meat" of your situation and get the truth out up-front so that you will know what is coming next!As far as paying taxes, I have yet to hear a good response from them when I point out that Jesus said to pay taxes to the Roman government. And he said unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar's, and unto God the things which be God's. for more on that.) Some of the Jehovahs Witness doctrines may seem harsh to some. Some people consider the prohibition on sex outside of marriage harsh, although it elevates marriage to something special.


You have now taken the first step in the plan your girlfriend has for you! Because when you decided to have this Bible study with her father, you were saying (in a JWs mind), that you are not really strong in your faith and there is a chance that you are looking for something spiritually more satisfying.Since the apostles forbade eating blood, they necessarily forbade blood transfusions.Most people argue that receiving blood intravenously is not the same as eating it.You have agreed to have a Bible study and your girlfriend's hopes are now greatly increased that you too will go to the Kingdom Hall with her, and serve as moral support through the process of her being reinstated. Her father will now plan to have an elder in the congregation perhaps come along with him on this Bible study, and then the situation will be 2 against 1 and very difficult for you to make a Christian defense for your faith.

This is why your girlfriend waited so long to go back!

I just set a date for a "Bible Study" for June 28th. It's a long story how this happened, but I said that I would do it.


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