Microcode updating

If its not too much bother here is my bios of my computer. Brand Intel Processor Model Intel Xeon L5420 MPN 44E51139001013, 0883436025096 Key Features Clock Speed 2.5 GHz Multi-Core Technology Quad-Core TDP 50 W Processor Quantity 1 Product Type Processor upgrade Cache Memory Installed Size L2 Advanced Smart Cache - 12 MB ( 2 x 6MB (6MB per core pair) ) Type Advanced Smart Cache Expansion / Connectivity Compatible Slots 1 x processor Other Features Bus Speed FSB Speed - 1333 MHz Manufacturing Process 45 nm 64-bit Computing Yes Architecture Features Execute Disable Bit capability, Intel Virtualization Technology, Intel 64 Technology, Intel Advanced Smart Cache Platform Compatibility PC These attempts are on your own risk. @Pikachu Elite Your zip file contains your BIOS file, that's good.

If you guys have links to the tools or things or a tutorial post, I'll go there there and read but I've never done it so I don't want to screw up, btw .... You need the following files: microcode-20130906CBROM195. EXE Download those three files and place them into the same directory microcode-20130906https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?


Or should I decompile with phoenix editor the .exe? EXE Precision T7500 : Dual Xeon X5675 @ 3.536Ghz X 24 Threads : 48 Gigabytes : Cinebench R15 : 1505 : AMD R9 390X 8GB @ 1173Mhz 1350mv 57599 Power Limit @ 1250Mhz memory error free on tight timings / since 1500mhz had errors galore : Plus HP DC5850 SFF AMD Opteron 1389 @ 2.9Ghz & 16 Gigabytes : AMD Radeon R7 250 2GB GDDR3 BIOS modded : VIVO Smart AMD Opteron 1389 @ 3.625Ghz Core 2750Mhz Hyper Transport : Northbridge @ 1.4v vcore @ 1.4v CPU Northbridge VID @ 1.4v Northbridge for the 2750Mhz HT/NB (Huge jump in gaming performance & memory bandwidth) & Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H x6 core max support & 16 Gigabytes 2x8GB High Density @ DDR3-1667 & AMD Radeon RX560 4GB @ 1250Mhz 0.950v & 2000Mhz on 1625Mhz Strap w/ 256 watts power limit & 84c vrm temp limit / The RX560 can do like 1480mhz on 1.188v, 38mv over stock Hex modded, but I prefer the 0.950v @ 1250mhz, barely any difference, but much cooler like 53c load fan at 2400rpm, with 2800rpm max vs thermal throttling with 1.188v even at max fan speed 4,500rpm (really noisy). For you of course it's more kind of risky (I hope your systems won't get bricked). EXE https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B06TVj Aye-JDRl FDLXFt R2Vr Nk E/edit? (No administrative privileges required) Go into the directory where you have placed "microcode.dat", "microdecode\microdecode.exe" and "cbrom195Eg.



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