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The popularity of Singapore can make searching for a room rental difficult without the proper assistance.Fortunately, Easy Roommate can make your search much easier.And if you’re a fan of warm weather, Singapore’s tropical climate is just the ticket.Whether you’re focusing exclusively on your studies, or you want to soak up the atmosphere of this area, Singapore is a great spot for young professionals and students.This exposure to nature is only one of the many reasons to live in Singapore.This city-state boasts superior healthcare, low crime rates, quality educational institutions, and convenient public transportation.

Are you looking for a funky, fun vibe or a studious, quiet location?

Temples, shrines, museums, galleries, markets, shops, and sky-high views of the city abound.

Your search for a room for rent is best initiated with a plan.

You can rent a room in busy Singapore with a minimum of fuss through our services with no agent fee.


Turn to our helpful guide to locate a room for rent, HDB, houseshare opportunities, and other rooming options to meet your needs.Singapore room rentals are an excellent way to make new friends, learn about the area, and help you settle into campus life at your chosen university.


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