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In regard to your threat to us: “I will begin contacting your advertisers…” please allow us to present some well known facts about the Las Vegas Tribune newspaper and everyone involved in the publication’s content.

We differ from other publications, in Las Vegas – or nationwide for that matter – in that the advertisers DO NOT control the editorial or the content of our publication and they are aware that our mission is to protect and defend these who are abused and don’t have a voice.

— Rolando Larraz Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: [email protected] at 702-272-4634.Patricia Doninger had a group of judges, people like you, and the State and County Bar defending her at any cost, unlike that lady – the one captured on video – who was abused and mistreated by two men inside a Las Vegas courtroom.That video may be in every person’s computer all over the world giving Las Vegas another unnecessary black eye; Ms. You are telling us in your email from Starbucks, in what seems to be a very authoritative demand, that “those comments about beheading, killing, shooting, raping Patricia Doninger need to GO.” We apologize, Ms.You won’t see the same high-energy pole dancing on this stage that you’ll see on the main stage, but the floor work is as close-up as it gets.


Little Darlings is the only strip club in Las Vegas in which every lap dance is fully nude.

The violence against women that occurred in that courtroom is being paled by what you’re allowing on your site,” the woman calling herself Kelly wrote.


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    There is no widely accepted current definition that covers all the dimensions of gender-based violence rather than the one for women that tends to reproduce the concept of binary oppositions: masculinity versus femininity.

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