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Are they really worried that they're not gonna make enough money from it?? They're not gonna go bankrupt or anything since they have too much money. But whatever ppl may think about it, it IS the fastest growing sport in the world as well as the fastest game on both feet .... It's a great sport, although the governing bodies certainly need to grab a little more authority over the teams – or at least that's the case on the Island.Even if they lose several millions of dollars, they're multi-billion corporations. Leagues are run very poorly and teams come and go on a consistent basis.A really good way to make the game well known is for some computer game company to make a lacrosse video game.That way, it'll get kids to play it a lot and as a result, they'll also want to get out there and play it themselves. The thing about lacrosse is that, even though it's one of Canada's national sports (it now shares that official distinction with hockey), it isn't really played to any great degree anywhere between Ontario and BC.

I think there was a couple of new expansions this season in the Miami and cannot at this time remember the other but i'm sure there was supposed to be two new expansions this season anyways. Espn has only showed one or two games of indoor lacrosse it looks interesting.


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