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The record there states that 480 years elapsed from the Exodus to 4th year of the reign of Solomon when work began on the Temple.

This needs to be examined closely as other Biblical passages imply that the total length of this period amounted to 573 years.

There we find that the 573 years is made up of 40 wilderness years (Acts ); 450 years under the Judges (Acts ); 40 years under Saul (Acts ); 40 years under David (l Kings ); and 3 years under Solomon before the Temple construction commenced (1 Kings 6:1). This is in complete accord with the Acts quotation.

This totals 573 years, or 93 years longer then stated in l Kings 6:1. We can assume that these Church Fathers had been instructed by the Apostles on this matter, who in turn received it from Christ.

The Omission Principle is thereby exactly illustrated by this example.

There in Babylon as a captive, the prophet Ezekiel in 4:1-5 records that Israel's idolatry had lasted 390 years from the kingdom division unto the fall of Jerusalem.

This places the division of the kingdom as 976 BC 1 year at Solomon's death.

Now Solomon reigned for 40 years, and the Temple building started in his 4th year.

If 36 years are now added to 976 BC, the date for the commencement of the Temple becomes 1012 BC 6 years.Furthermore it amplifies the necessity of taking all Biblical statements into account before arriving at a final conclusion.


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