Jamai sasori 3x sax vedio

dui hath diye cheler pithe shokto kore dhore achen.

ma ekhono lojjai matha tulte paren ni cheler samne.

ma sabina rahman lojjai matha nuiye boshe achen tari cheler samne.

cheler sathe esob tini ki korchen vebe koshto hocche.

sudhu chele make ador kore jacche sad mitiye icche moto.

je baba kichue dite parlona take tari chele aj take tripti dicche.

room e giye dekhlo ma ekta magazine er pata ultacchen.

onek vebe ber korlo ghore ma thakte abar kar kache jabo makei jevabe hok lagate hobe. vabte thakle dekha jai kina kuno vabe mayer nogno sorir.. frnd der sathe blue film dekhar pot theke kuno meyeke chudar jonno pagol hoye ache se . dupure college theke bashai eshe dekhlo ma gosole dhukchen. tarpor onek year chole geche ma cheler moddhe r temon somporko nei dujonei ektu change hoye gechen . kintu kodin theke je ki hoyeche pollober make khub miss kore raate . Bondhura ei golpoti a porchen .chukh juriye gelo pollober.

shobuj blouse chire ber hoye ashlo dhob dhobe forsha duita mai. Bondhura ei golpoti a porchen .tarpor pollob jokhon arame bathroom e boshe thakto ma chole ashten.



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