Introduction and dating agency management handbook

Members of an ACT team are multidisciplinary and provide service ranging from medication management to rehabilitation support.

ACT is a promising model that improves outcomes for people.

Standards of adaptive behavior are adjusted for age. Beliefs and actions that put a high value on diversity.

People and institutions that fall on this part of the continuum are able to quickly identify situations that are influenced by culture.

This is usually a change that helps a student work around his or her disability.


For example, being able to ask for things you want or respond to other's requests.

They have many resources for understanding culture.

They have good ability to build on current knowledge and share it.

It is recognized as an evidenced based practice by SAMHSA; however, it is not widely available.

One of many terms being used for creating a plan for people receiving services that is based on their abilities, strengths and personal desires or goals.provides information on the legal framework for telework in the Federal Government, as well as guidance to help you interpret and understand the laws.


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