Im dating a man with a child Adult online web cam

I am so confused the child is his memories of his old wife put you in his shoes.The little boy probblely doesn't want a diff mom but that is ok sculd him when he is bad but love him some occations buy him little candies to xxnot that m being harsh o anything, but moving in with a married man in the first place was a bad idea,even though him and his wife are having problems or "talking" about getting a divorce its just not on, he goes home to be with his wife and kids almost everyday n u stay behind waiting 4 him,wat happens if one day he goes and decides not to come back,it is his kids,wife n well also his house so yeah he can do dat, wats ur position in all this?He's nice to me so far, we talk most nights but when he has his son, it's a text here n there in three days.But what irritates me right now is that when he picks up his son for the few days he has them each week, he and the mother meet up for dinner with the son.If the shoe were on the other foot, he'd definitely run away!I don't want any double standards in my life, nor do I want a relationship within another relationship that didn't seem to have ended.

Who am I to speak dating a nice guy with an 8 year old girl, we are in a long distance relationship.I realise that making the ex angry could potentially mean a custody battle to get the rights for him to see his daughter again, but surely it is not healthy to live under the control of your ex partner like this?


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