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Helen started dating Scott in 2009 and the pair have since got engaged.

Matilda was born in June 2015 and lives with Helen in Manchester.

But the soap actress lives hundreds of miles away from her beau Scott, who stays in Glasgow to train with his Scottish team.

Tamira Brown (back center) assists Jalil Frazier (center) with getting out of the living room and onto the front porch.

It's a savvy way of getting in on the Balmain blazer action for less, in fact.

A Balmain original will cost upwards of £1300 but you can get your hands on Helen's for £885 (click right).

The multiple and steep stairs leading from the front porch to the sidewalk are a major problem for Frazier.


Every piece in this ensemble is seriously covetable but it's Helen's blazer that had us reaching for our purses!

You're probably very familiar with Balmain blazers thanks to the Kardashian/Jenner clan who have a particular penchant for them.

But everyone from Rosie Huntington Whiteley, to Jennifer Aniston, owns one too. Helen's is actually from Balmain's off-shoot and more affordable line Pierre Balmain, although it looks identical to its pricier counterpart!

After many of you read my column about Jalil Frazier, the Philadelphia man who was shot and paralyzed while protecting a group of kids during a robbery, that’s all you wanted to know.

And on behalf of Frazier and his family, I can’t thank you enough.

Readers were touched by the story of the young father, hailed in January’s news headlines as a hero and Good Samaritan before fading into the background just as he was coming to terms with his new reality.



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