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Substitutes: blood orange (less acidic, red flesh) OR mandarin orange Or kumquats OR ugli fruit OR grapefruit OR pomelo (especially for marmalade) pomelo = pummelo = Chinese grapefruit = shaddock Pronunciation: PUHM-uh-low Notes: This has a very thick peel, so you have to work hard to eat it.

Many people think it's worth the trouble, for the pulp is milder and sweeter than its closest substitute, the grapefruit.

Americans pronounce the name "ugly," but in Jamaica, where it's grown, it's pronounced "HOO-glee." Some marketers have tried calling it "Uniq fruit®," but the name hasn't caught on much.

Ugli fruit are available from December through April.

The peels contain fragrant oils, and their zest is often used to flavor foods.


Substitutes: orange orange = sweet orange Notes: Most American oranges are produced in Florida and California.Substitutes: grapefruit (more acidic and more bitter) Seville orange = bitter orange = bigarade orange = sour orange Notes: These are too bitter for eating out of hand, but they make a wonderful orange marmalade and the sour juice is perfect for certain mixed drinks.


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