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Here’s this white, heavily-armed man, who, because he feels marginalized, thinks blacks are the ilk of society and that Donald Trump shouldn’t have let his beautiful, fair-skinned daughter marry a Jew.

Do you believe this man, whose name is Christopher Cantwell, is an appropriate spokesman for the alt-right movement? foreign policy has been quite consistent regardless of the country’s leader.

Most amusing of all are pro-immigration feminist Liberals who suspend their own values with xenophobic and misogynistic “Go back to Russia, mail-order bride! Just a lady, ahem, yours truly, with a mandatory hot caffeinated drink enjoying those autumn colors in between what seems like endless rain.

A pragmatic world would be one of multipolarity, in which people of different ethnocultural backgrounds are able to embrace their respective traditions rather than be swept up by the Borg of homogenizing globalization.



For all of the profiles I had read of Richard Spencer, it was difficult to get a concrete sense of what exactly he was fighting for and trying to accomplish—especially once you parse through all of his trolling—since much of what he says seems to be purely for the sake of enraging his detractors. Afterwards, as previously agreed upon, I sent her the same questions via email, and she responded much in the same way as she had via Skype, as follows. My parents emigrated from Russia to Canada, upon being invited, in the mid-1990s when Boris Yeltsin, Bill Clinton, and Jeffrey Sachs oversaw the plunder and near-destruction of my homeland, thanks to neoliberal reforms and shock therapy. S.-specific notion of the so-called “free” markets, limited government, etc., without accounting for other, more statist, definitions, as in Europe, or the philosophical, metaphorical foundations (e.g., order vs. In this sense, I can be described as being beyond Left and Right. ” At the same time, I am what some would call socially and culturally conservative. You said you get trolled a lot from both liberals and self-proclaimed Neo-Nazis, how so?Everything else—from losing access to friends, classmates, and the rest of my family to moving from a metropolis to the Canadian prairies—was a culture shock, in which I had no say. You said you were reluctant to describe yourself as either “left-wing” or “right-wing” because you actually share a lot of left-wing values (i.e. Sometimes this occurs in daily life: My young child and I have been denied service at restaurants on a number of occasions.If there were no real-life repercussions, online “trolling” could even be called “amusing.” After all, there are days when Liberals smear me as a “Nazi White Supremacist,” while self-described “National Socialists” call me a “non-white Communist” , presumably because I’m ethnically ~1/4 Southern European (Georgian).an ethno-state that would be a gathering point for all Europeans,” especially since many of his followers would argue that Kouprianova’s Georgian roots would somewhat preclude her from his so-called “new society.” We had a three-hour conversation on Skype that was off-the-record. As scientists, my parents were part of the well-known brain-drain immigration wave of that period. My support for “left-wing” economic issues, such as maternity leave, universal health care, or concern for the environment would have many a U. How does your Georgian ancestry play into some of the trolling you get from the right-wing?

Having studied English since childhood, I did not have trouble adjusting from that standpoint. sexual harassment and death threats on social media, to attempts to destroy my livelihood—and that of my extended family, far removed from anything political.

I am talking about maintaining and passing on specific values and timeless ideas that were produced by and benefit each particular civilization.


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