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Public Bookshelf has humor books that cover a wide variety of topics from Irish humor to hilarious comedy jokes to twisted humor. Humor is the best medicine, and this is the category that will keep you laughing for hours. Or do you enjoy a variety, including goofy stories about travel misadventures, animorphic tales, tongue-in-cheek self-help books and the roasting of favorite celebrities?

Browse a selection of books written by talented humorists for your reading enjoyment. Authors who suffer from serious bouts of sarcasm have written ridiculously funny tales of woe for your reading pleasure.

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It's all in good fun, but my ultimate goal is making people feel less alone.He is astonished to find his vacation taking place on a chicken farm, and even more astonished to find himself falling in love with a girl living there.


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    What He Looks For In A Girl: If she can make me laugh, that’s it. Age: 18 Relationship Status: Single Follow Him: @Ross R5 Favorite Way To Chill Out: When he's not performing with his band, R5 or hangning with his bros, he loves working on his music and writing songs.

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    , he married his high school sweetheart, Summer Roberts.

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