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However, it's growing increasingly common for young people to be sexually exploited by other people in their age group (or only a little bit older).

If you're having difficulties in your sex life or just want to improve intimacy with your partner, Sex Therapy can really help.

Your therapist will be supportive and non-judgemental so you can be open about what is concerning you.A new government definition and working together advice for Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) has been launched in February 2017 for more information and to view the new definition see here.The WSCB Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Handbook provide guidance and information regarding CSE in order to inform practice and support professionals in identifying levels of risk.Det Con Darren Smith said: "I am pleased that our investigations have resulted in a successful prosecution in this case, and that a man who abused two young boys more than 50 years ago has been brought to justice."I would like to thank the victims who came forward to give us information and helped to bring about this prosecution, and say to any other potential victims that it is not too late to come forward.

We know that Freeman has had links to Wiltshire, Leicestershire and Manchester as well as Gloucestershire and if you have any information about similar offences in those locations please get in touch with us.

DETECTIVES have told potential victims of a sex abuser who has been sentenced to more than six years in jail for historic offences, that it is not too late to contact them.


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