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In the timeframe the book was penned, the fact was that Arse Sex was a MINORITY PRACTICE -- even among "gay men".Sanity: Most guys would agree that it's a good thing to keep.I also know that these guys often endure tremendous guilt-trips about their M2M feelings. Like a lot of guys, -I'm secretly Bi, but play the straight card. While there are lots of "fetish" groups, this really isn't one.While the specific "rules" around some sorts of abstinence are purely cultural; -There is a large body of medical, scientific evidence that shows clearly that (1) sex-act (fetish, actually) in particular should be on the "perpetual list of abstinence": Anal Sex! For a long time, I thought I was totally the only guy on earth who had these feelings. It's more of a curiosity that developed sifting Internet material on what website developers use as niche marketing.Although neither existed in Greece during the time-frames of these epics; -Movies like "Birdcage" & "Brokeback", combined with the decadence showcased at annual "pride-parades" ...This group was created after examining a number of statistics gleaned from the main goys site & the affiliated groups.


A method has been designed to allow the motivated g0y to run his own g0y group - while getting a listing-link from the MAIN G0Y's group!

Acts : The key Scripture used as the example of the response to the gospel. In the states, most guys are so afraid of being called a "FA6" that they don't dare p1ss in the urinal next to another guy... HOWEVER, real guys RESPECT MASCULINITY & NEVER play the female role (NO TOPS. I want to gauge the responses of guys that think that "nice feet" make "the package" & why.


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    Here is the most complete collection of the porn words' interpretations.

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