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Using these providers, you can let users log into your site using their existing credentials from Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live, Google, and Yahoo.For example, to log in using a Facebook account, users can just choose a Facebook icon, which redirects them to the Facebook login page where they enter their user information.

To work with Web Pages in Visual Studio, you must first install Visual Studio 2010 SP1, Visual Web Developer Express 2010 SP1, or Visual Studio 11 Beta. NET MVC 4 Beta, which includes templates and tools for creating ASP.However, instead of using code to enable logins from other sites, a recommended way to get started with the new providers is to use the new Starter Site template that is included with Web Matrix 2 Beta.The Starter Site template includes a full membership infrastructure, complete with a login page, a membership database, and all the code you need to let users log into your site using either local credentials or those from another site.For more information on the upcoming change, we invite you to read our blog post.


To ensure that the application is robust against all forms of input data, whether obtained from the user, infrastructure, external entities or database systems. This weakness leads to almost all of the major vulnerabilities in applications, such as Interpreter Injection, locale/Unicode attacks, file system attacks and buffer overflows.You can customize a site based on the Personal Site template by doing the following: To access the Personal Site template, choose Templates on the Web Matrix Quick Start screen. If you want to perform validation only on particular pages, you can use the assets manager to register the scripts on only those pages.


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    Of course, I would rather actors were honest about their sexuality, but I'm not the one hiring them, so I have no right to tell them to come out. He's starting to look more and more like a biracial Shrek every year he gets older but he was hot as hell during the Pitch Black/F&F 1 era.

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    A survey of 2000 UK workers showed 1/5 had accessed porn on a personal device that was used for work, putting the company’s computer systems at risk of malware attacks.

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