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"And I'm upstairs," I reply, which is all very droll because Foy is of course one of the stars of Upstairs Downstairs, BBC1's reconstituted version of the Seventies ITV classic about toffs and servants. everyone's got a lot of nervous energy so we burn it off."I'll say.

Except that today the toffs are downstairs, or rather the cast of 'scripted reality' show Made in Chelsea are shooting an advert for the fashion chain River Island. The difference is that while the solipsistic Sloanes are chasing fame for its own sake, celebrity is a by-product of Foy's job. Foy is high-spirited, chatty and, I discover when transcribing my recording of our conversation, tends not to finish one sentence before embarking on a fresh one. And this might be more frustrating if the conversational cascade was not rounded off with a pleasantly earthy, self-deprecating laugh.

Claire Foy is running late for her interview in the first-floor private dining room of a north London pub, finally phoning to say: "I'm downstairs". Imagine, you are 19 and you meet this idol, like I idolized him.” She said she watched a lot of Hanks’s films while growing up in South Africa and has seen “like 500 times.”Theron wasn’t an Oscar-winning actress when she auditioned, so the nerves really got to her.alum was arrested for having an outstanding warrant against him.She moved south to Buckinghamshire with her father's job (he was a salesman for Rank Xerox) and an averagely happy sort of childhood was only slightly discomfited, at the age of eight, by her parents' divorce."As divorces go, on a scale of one to 10?

I don't remember a thing – so, 10, amazing," she says.

"Probably she'd call him a stupid name and laugh and he'd probably quite like her." Never mind Hitler, does Foy like Lady Persie?



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