Double your dating deep inner game consolidating payday loan debt


De Angelo is recognised for teaching attraction methods that run counter to what he says most men think women want.

These methods include: Double Your Dating was the first ebook released by De Angelo, winning numerous awards including Seduction Book Of The Year 2008.

De Angelo continues to be active in both the dating advice industry and internet marketing, reportedly employing up to 200 freelancers around the world to help run his information product empire.

He asserts in various videos that he has made over 0 million in sales revenue from his business properties.

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It teaches you how to transform bad experiences of the past into positive strength-building references.

This program is considered “inner game” (hence the name), and doesn’t go into a lot of lines, openers, kino escalation, or any of that, but rather, WHY these things work, and the deep level that these things hit if used correctly, and why they flat out SUCK if used incorrectly! Ultimately, all of their materials are sign posts to a feeling you seek called bulletproof confidence.

Paul really break down things like boundaries, high ethics, emotions, and other deep rooted issues that really gets down to the root of attraction, and how to improve yourself as a mature man.

- Becoming your own life coach - How to improve your self-esteem - Quickly establishing trust with a woman - Impressing a woman with your character - How to appear confident to women - A conversation starter approach - How to conquer your emotional energy - A plan to pull your self out of depression - Initiating yourself into manhood - Tools to build a charismatic inner presence - Quickly overcoming the pain of a bad breakup - Building your self confidence by seeking out rejection - Creating your own unique identity and personality - Turning a bad response from a woman into a good thing - How to be in a relationship and still be independent - Blending your intellect with your street smarts - Identifying your objectives to achieve your goals - A technique for supercharging your cocky comedy skills - An exercise to identify your 3 main inner issues - How to block a woman from effecting your emotions - Transforming stress, anger and anxiety into self-esteem - A guide to the operating system of the human mind - A simple psychological technique to conquer anger and anxiety - The big mistake men make that allows a woman to take all of their power - Why human nature can actually prevent you from having success with women - An exercise to identify how you are letting women control your actions - A scientific method of solving psychological problems using simple charts I highly recommend this program to anyone who has deep routed issues that make them feel like there is no point in learning techniques because they dont have control of themselves or their life.

If you are not sure who you are or not sure where your going or how to get there..up this program.

Perhaps unexpectedly at the time, his success was noticed in the internet marketing industry, leading to him receiving many email requests for help and advice launching other marketers information products.


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