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Typically the plan operators are shady businesspeople, not dentists. Needless surgeries such as worthless root canals can be painful and endanger your health and wellbeing. You may need more surgery to correct the earlier procedures, which often are botched. Falsely billing your dental plan can exhaust your policy limits. Some EOBs are mailed, and some are posted on your insurer's website. Contact Medicare or Medicaid if you're a recipient of these benefits. Ask if you can stay in the treatment room to make sure you child is ok, the procedures are as painless as possible, and only the promised treatments are done.

Thus you could have little or no coverage when you need treatment for painful dental problems in the future. A dentist may urge treatment that seems unusual or unneeded. Have your facts, dates, names, treatment details, bills and other evidence of fraud all organized and ready. If the dentist asks that you not be present, find out why and make sure the explanation makes sense. Be careful of sales pitches for dental plans you've never heard of.

Some dentists also have hygienists, assistants or other staff perform treatments — even though they aren't licensed or qualified. Con artists sell fake dental insurance to people and businesses.

The dentists then bill insurers as if the dentists performed the treatment themselves. This leaves you dangerously unprotected when you need costly dental treatment. Ask your dentist what discomfort (if any) your should expect, and how long it should last. Make sure you and your insurance plan are billed only for treatments, medicines and supplies you received. Contact your insurance company and state insurance department.

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His candid admission: "I was a dentist for years prior to my marriage.


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