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From crockery emblazoned with official portraits to solar-powered toys with the queen’s characteristic wave, Britain’s monarchy is big business.And that royal economy, normally catering to tourists and enthusiasts, kicks into high gear around major events.“It’s a flash of color in a rather gray world,” said Emma Bridgewater, the eponymous founder of the ceramics company.According to the Times, the royal wedding is supposed to boost Britain's economy by about 0 million (£500 million, in pounds), and though the majority of that is expected to come from visiting tourists, about one-tenth of the influx will be from merchandise.And Bone china apparently makes up a good bulk of the merch."I think they just look for an excuse to be able to do it, every time there’s a birth, wedding, engagement, anniversary, anything," collector Jan Hugo told the Times.Though it's unclear whether we'll be getting the William Edwards pillbox on this side of the pond, some companies say they hope to get royal wedding memorabilia into stores in the United States, since Meghan Markle is blessedly one of ours.


Dubbed "The Royal Wedding Collection" (duh), the line includes coasters, mugs, wedding plates, teacups and saucers, and, my personal favorite, a "hinged pill box," which looks way too fancy for me to use to store my Advil, but who cares!

“One of the things that the collectors insist is that it has that level of information and detail applied to the design,” said Steven Rowley, Royal Crown Derby’s sales and marketing director.


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