Dating nepalese

Instead, it invests whatever financial resources available for community development and social capital building in the region.

NTNC receives no regular funding support from the government for the operation of ACAP, but has been granted the right to collect entry fees from visiting trekkers.

The biological diversity of the Annapurna region is equally rivaled by cultural diversity.

It is estimated that an average trekking group of 15 people generates about 15 kgs.Similarly, while the focus in upper Mustang, which came under the jurisdiction of ACA in 1992, has been on managing controlled tourism on a sustainable basis, and promoting heritage conservation which is the major tourist attraction.The Conservation Education and Extension Program is being implemented in the entire region of ACA and forms the backbone of all its endeavors.ACAP was first tested as a pilot Program in the Ghandruk Village Development Committee (VDC) in 1986.

After being notified in the Gazette as a “Conservation Area” in 1992, ACAP’s program covered the entire area.There are several features that make the Annapurna region a unique place in the world.


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