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In this case, the poetic unit of Song 4:1–5:1 would conclude with an exhortation by the friends in Song 5:1b.() Longman has an interesting observation on myrrh...balsam...honeycomb...honey..and milk - The use of the double objects indicates the experience of total satisfaction in his intimate encounter with the woman.

Notice the repetition of the possessive pronoun "my" - my garden, my sister, my (added by translators) bride, my myrrh, my balsam, my honeycomb, my honey, my wine, my milk.

Grant Richison - Now that sexual lovemaking is complete, Solomon tells the Shulammite that it was a good experience (Song 5:1).

This communication reassures her that she was sexually satisfying (From his free book Theology of Sex - ) I have come into my garden - Speaks of intimacy consummated.

Paul’s point was that we have a binding obligation to serve our marriage partner with physical affection.

It is an awesome obligation: out of the billions of people on the earth, God has chosen one, and one alone, to meet our sexual needs.There are five options: (1) He is addressing his bride. (3) The wedding guests are addressing him and his bride.


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