Dating lepricons ru


I'd explain further but it would be completely wasted on the intellectual pygmies here.When you read my book explaining life, the universe and everything you'll understand what a genius I am. Most of them simply lack belief in God/gods owing to lack of evidence.You don't go around saying you are an "a-uniconest" just because you don't believe they are real.Atheism is a religion in as far as not collecting stamps is a hobby.That gets nowhere, involves a lot of trolling and is generally entertaining to read.I predict in the western world that religion will slowly fade into a cult as our scientific knowledge increases and explains away many of religions so called 'answers' to life so much so that in 200 years time, if you are not an atheist then you will be outcast and deemed mad.Which is exactly why I now refuse to join in any such discussion with anyone who can't understand this first logically irrefutable point. There is no way that I'll come back to this discussion until I see the objection that you have raised being fairly addressed.


But science is simple: you only believe things that there is evidence for.In reply to Shani: Those thinking atheists sure are so smart, they really do have all the answers.How anyone could believe what those religious nutjobs say over the all knowing, pure and honourable scientists is beyond me...The design challenge is where to put these symbionts.


In ruminants (cows, sheep, and relatives), the stomach is modified, and presto.You (I hope) don't believe in unicorns, fairies, lepricons etc.


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