Dating in costa rica

But no adventure could be more memorable and rewarding than Our office in San Jose has been developing our presence there for almost two years!We have hundreds of lovely "ticas" awaiting our arrival.Costa Rican women are friendly, laid-back and down-to earth.



Casados feature meat, salad, plantains and the ubiquitous gallo pinto.

But Costa Rica has traditions that are unique to its culture.

Here's a sweet one: A few days before the wedding, the groom, his friends, and a band show up at the bride's house for a serenade of love songs to her. At the reception, there's dancing, just like in the U. But in Costa Rica, they traditionally have what's called the Money Dance.

Live music and dancing are must-haves at weddings in Costa Rica among the locals. There could be groups of guitarists, a full-on dance band or a DJ, or a mix of these as the party goes late into the night and the dancing really gets (rocking and) rolling -- sometimes until dawn.

If you think your guest list will be down with that, have a celebratory wedding breakfast planned.

Guests pin money on their clothing as sort of a payment for dancing with the bride or groom, and the money is collected as a nest egg to start the new couple in their new life together or pay for a honeymoon.


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